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Tradebank is a Cashless Commerce exchange that provides an opportunity for businesses to grow and expand through the bartering system. The exchange works by two businesses using “Trade Dollars” instead of “Real Cash” to exchange products or services.

How Does Barter Work?

In Barter’s simplest form, two businesses or professionals trade items of equivalent value. Tradebank, however, opens up a whole new dimension in trading. Now a company does not have to find another company that simultaneously needs its product or service.

The Benefits of Joining

Tradebank of Charleston

Increase Profitability

Watch your profits increase through the incorporation of barter, where cash is left in your pocket and trade becomes king.

Bottom Line

Improve Your Bottom Line

Increase your overall income by selling excess inventory on our bartering network and buying everyday goods & services through trade instead.

Competitive Edge

Gain A Competitive Edge

Access an exclusive network with thousands of companies in a variety of industries and grow your profits even higher than your competition.

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What Our Customers Say About Tradebank

"I recently signed up with Tradebank of Charleston. They have networks all over. I like it because when I trade with someone, I'm not getting credit towards their business, but the "trade dollars" goes into an account I can use with any business in the network. I signed up and three days later, a company booked a large event with us. Check it out."
Benjamin Toy
On Purpose Adventures

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