How Tradebank Works

Tradebank is an extensive network where businesses

come together to trade what they have, for what they need.

Why should you barter in your business?

As a business owner, bartering saves you cash.

It gives you the opportunity to move slow-selling or excess inventory. It also helps to fill in the gaps when you have downtime or spare capacity.

Bartering for goods and services is not new. It has been around for thousands of years. Chances are, you have bartered at least once in your business in the past by simply trading out goods or services with another business.

Traditional trading can be effective, but it lacks flexibility.

This tends to limit how often your business may barter. You might want something that someone has but they might not want anything you have.

Keep Your Money

By creating a currency of trade dollars, Tradebank helps you trade conveniently and easily with thousands of members. This helps you get what you want and need using trade dollars instead of cash. We help you increase your overall bottom line.

Tradebank has created a flexible way for you to safely and securely trade your products and services with other businesses all over the country. Products and services are traded multi-directionally. No longer do companies have to search for one-to-one direct trade relationships.

Making Barter Trades

With Tradebank, you receive trade dollars for the goods and services you sell in your trade account.

As you build your trade dollar balance, you can spend it on goods or services from any other Tradebank member.

This is flexibility at its’ best:

  • You’re not necessarily trading with the same business that bartered with you.
  • You can use your trade dollars with any of our thousands of members.
  • You can sell now and buy later when you find exactly what you need.

Professional Assistance

Our professional trade brokers will help you to optimize your opportunities with the vast, dynamic marketplace, guiding you in how to promote your business as well as locating any products and services you need.

We work to promote your products and services, fulfill requests and answer trade-related questions. Our brokers are available for promoting trade opportunities and helping you develop your business.

A Practical Approach

Mechanic Barter
Mike needs a trim

As a mechanic, Mike’s hair is getting long. He needs to get it cut so it doesn’t get in the way of working on cars.

Right Arrow
Alberto, the stylist takes Mike's trade dollars

Alberto takes his wife, Daniella, out to dinner using Tradebank trade dollars he received from Mike.

Up Arrow
Down Arrow
Dr. Johnson's car broke down

Dr. Johnson calls Mike to schedule a time to fix her car and pay with trade dollars.

Left Arrow
Pierre has a restaurant that is great for dates

That evening, Pierre’s daughter falls and needs to see Dr. Johnson. Pierre pays the copay with trade dollars.

A Simple Summary

Check out this video that will give you a brief summary of how Tradebank works.

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