Robert & Cathie Howard

Charleston Regional Owners

Jennifer Minchoff

Charleston Senior Broker

Having been raised by and coming from previous generations of entrepreneurs, Tradebank of Charleston’s Senior Trade Broker Jennifer Minchoff has small business in her blood, learning at an early age how passionate small business owners are about what they do. From her family, Jennifer learned the value of hard work in a small, locally-owned business. In fact, one of Jennifer’s unique talents is knowing how to drive a garbage truck because her grandparents owned a sanitation company.

Spending much of her life in South Carolina’s Lowcountry, Jennifer earned her associate degree in marketing and business and has devoted her career to working in the local business community in sales, marketing, and management. A founding member of the North Charleston Chamber of Commerce, Jennifer has significant experience working as a trade broker and knows the greater Charleston area business community well. Her favorite aspect of working at Tradebank is that moment when a member sees how Tradebank is more than just another stream of revenue, but a network of business owners that want to help each other succeed.

Jennifer is generous with her time and volunteers in numerous groups, including a booster organization for her children’s sports teams. Additionally, she sits on the board of the Miss North Charleston and Miss Summerville scholarship organizations for MAO. And every weekend you can find Jennifer volunteering at her church, Cathedral of Praise.

When not working or volunteering, Jennifer loves spending time with family and friends, with most weekends at a gymnastics, football, or wrestling event for her children. On rare occasions not attending a sporting event, Jennifer enjoys live music and crafts.

About Tradebank Barter

Founded in 1987, Tradebank International is an international barter exchange company headquartered in Canton, Georgia. One of the largest barter exchanges in the world, Tradebank represents thousands of business owners and professionals with regional offices across the United States.

Tradebank completes trades for its clients much like a commercial bank does for checks, or a brokerage firm does for stocks. As an intermediary, Tradebank receives a commission on each trade transaction and saves all parties the trouble and process of collection.

Tradebank clients can search the Internet for products and services that are offered by other clients. Trades are conducted over the telephone with the assistance of experienced Tradebank Brokers, who work closely with clients to facilitate their success.

Tradebank is a global trade network that assists companies of all sizes to convert what they have into what they need using a means of exchange called the Tradebank Dollar (T$) in the United States. Our network provides a marketplace for businesses of all sizes and helps those businesses to increase sales, enhance cash flow, and improve profitability.

Employed as a financial tool, Tradebank assists companies across a variety of industries to increase sales and conserve cash while still obtaining the products and services they need to run their business.

Members of the Tradebank Network can search the Internet for those products and services that are offered by other clients. Trades are conducted over the telephone with the assistance of experienced Trade Brokers.

Mission Statement

To be the major nationwide retail and corporate trade exchange system, networking together thousands of progressive companies who understand and use barter as part of their everyday marketing plans.

Dedicated to the growth and prosperity of all of our clients, by acting as an aggressive, financial, marketing and service organization.

Why Join Tradebank?

Tradebank offers a full array of services that other trade exchanges simply cannot match.

  1. Our brokers are the ultimate trade professionals — well-trained, highly knowledgeable, and experienced in all aspects of trade.
  2. Tradebank offers your business a no-risk guarantee: If we don’t bring your company new business, we’ll refund your initial retainer fee – in full.
  3. With our use of the Internet and our state-of-the-art, proprietary technology, we’re offering clients speed and efficiencies that were never available before.
  4. As a member of Tradebank, you’ll have working for you a solid, experienced organization with regional exchange offices across North America.