Trade Possibilities

As a Tradebank member, you can trade with any client in our organization, choosing from more than 125,000 products and services, such as:

Accounting Artwork Bakeries Bed & Breakfast Billboards Body Repair Carpet Cleaning Catering Chiropractic Clothing Computer Services Day Care Dental Duct Cleaning Electricians Fine Dining Flooring Furniture Hair Salons HVAC Services Landscaping Legal Services Marketing Massage Pest Control Plumbing Printing Office Equipment Promotional Items Radio and TV Advertising Real Estate Restaurants Vehicle Maintenance Web Development Window Tinting and much more...

Networking and marketing works.

With Tradebank, we help facilitate both while also helping you increase your overall revenue. See how it works.

What can Tradebank do for your company?

Advertising Bartering

Bartering is common practice in almost all media. You have to sell advertising space or time. If the deadline passes, the opportunity is lost forever. With Tradebank, you can “trade out” your unsold ad space or time.

Animals & Pets Bartering

Whether you have cats, dogs, fish, goats, or any other animal, bartering gives you an opportunity to get your animals in the hands of loving owners while also getting services you need for your business.

Automotive Bartering

Mechanic and body shop owners are using the barter system to turn their downtime into a way to accumulate trade dollars and attract new business. Using barter can help you pick up new clients you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Education Bartering

Tutoring, classes, and other forms of education are commonly requested among companies that barter. Use your spare time or resources to accumulate new students.

Health & Medical Bartering

Some patients have insurance. Some don’t. Either way, bartering for medical services or copays can help you both build your practice with new patients as well as get access to services you need at the same time.

Home & Garden Bartering

Waste not, want not. Vegetables spoil. Plants die. Flowers wilt. Time is the enemy of any home and garden company. By bartering for the extra inventory you have, you can access a new stream of customers while getting access to new services for your business.

Home and Garden

Non-Profits & Charity Bartering

For nonprofits, there is tremendous opportunity in receiving and redeeming non-cash gifts through Tradebank. Bartering will introduce new supporters to your non-profit or charity. At the same time, your business can access goods and services you need without having to use your precious cash resources for it.

Residential & Commercial Services Bartering

Plumbers, electricians, HVAC companies, and many other service-based companies have understood barter for many years. Open the doors to a whole new customer-base that will fight for your attention.

Residential and Commercial
Restaurants & Dining

Restaurant & Dining Bartering

Bartering helps your restaurant fill seats, reassuring prospective diners who may be turned off by the sight of a vacant restaurant. It also attracts new customers when members bring friends, can reduce costs, and help retain employees who don’t get tips from empty tables.

Retail Bartering

Instead of selling leftover products to a wholesale liquidator for pennies on the dollar, you can trade your goods to members, clearing the remaining inventory at full price.

Travel Bartering

What do people do when global economic chaos nixes their travel plans? Barter for travel instead of paying cash. Empty rooms are simply lost revenue. It can never be hired out again for that particular date. Bartering allows you to fill these with happy travelers.

Tradebank Guarantees New Business!

Why Is Barter Right For You?

Barter enables you to build your business, while conserving cash flow. Barter is currently used by 92% of Fortune 500 companies and thousands of other businesses around the world. At Tradebank, you’ll have access to thousands of potential customers for your product or service. As you trade for goods and services you need, you’ll leave cash in your business.

Trading is an effective management tool that goes straight to the bottom line. Businesses large and small have realized that barter enables them to build their revenue. Every time your company barters :